Name of Film Year Frog and Son Films Conor Reddington Films CRTV
Night of the Zombies part 1 2009 No Yes N/A
Only a Ginger bri 2009 No Yes N/A
Emo Death 2009 No Yes N/A
Emo Death 2 2009 No Yes N/A
King Kong Clash Godzilla 2009 Yes Yes N/A
The Myth Files: Bloody Mary 2009 No Yes N/A
Nerd News 2010 No Yes N/A
The Myth Files: London's Burning 2010 Yes No N/A
Stranger Danger 2010 Yes No N/A
Skull 2010 No Yes N/A
Skull 2 2010 No Yes N/A
Pillow Attack 2010 No Yes N/A
A walk in the Woods 2010 No Yes N/A
Hippy VS Farmer 2010 No Yes N/A
English Fan Car Crashes Into Stack of Pepsi Cans 2010 No Yes N/A
UFO 1 2010 No Yes N/A
Robot [1] 2011 No Yes N/A
Melvin Meets a Demon 2011 Yes [2] N/A N/A
Justice is Served 2011 Yes [2] N/A N/A
Its Getting Dark 2011 Yes [2] N/A N/A
Dogs Terror of Storm 2014 Yes N/A N/A
Melvin Meets Demon!!! 2015 Yes [2] N/A N/A
Stonehenge 2015 Yes N/A N/A
Waving Cat 2015 Yes N/A N/A
Thunder Storm 2015 Yes N/A N/A
No Explanation is Necessary 2015 Yes N/A N/A
Did I Just See That? 2015 Yes N/A N/A
The man who haunted me when I was lost 2016 No N/A Yes
  1. Final film released under Conor Reddington Films due to it's 2011 closure
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Joint production with TuleRune and ThePiggyKing

Unmentioned FilmsEdit

  • Jazz Zombie was made some time around 2010 but due to publication problems this can not be clarified.
  • Poland was a 2010 film made by both Frog and Son/Conor Reddington Films, however nearly all the footage has been lost and therefore has not been released and thus cannot be listed.
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