List of Unmade and incomplete films EditEdit

Name Year Lost Unmade Incomplete
Backwoods Terror 2009 Yes
Night of the Zombies 2 2010    Yes
Stranger Danger 2 2010    Yes
Plan 10 from Outer Space 2011 Yes
Poland/Proland 2011      Yes*
Myth Files Extended Series 2011     Yes
Stranger Danger Remake 2012     Yes
Melvin the Origin 2014     Yes*
Melvin-Asylum Diaries 2015        Yes*

*Talks are ongoing as to whether the small amount of remaining footage should be released in some format.

*Talks have being off and on between Frog and Son Media, Tulerune and The Piggy King about producing this film.

*The production has almost completely folded due to technical difficulties, however the project has not been completely scrapped.

Closer Explanation EditEdit

Backwoods Terror

The film featured the disturbing tale of what happened when a lone traveler encountered a country bumpkin. Around half of the required scenes were filmed, however they were lost due to technical difficulties and the project never even made it to editing.


The film was about an elite team sent to the rural isolated area of an eastern european country to investigate a series of disappearances. Had it been released the project would have been the longest production made by the company. Over half the required scenes were filmed however for various reasons the project was never completed. Most of the footage was indirectly lost or deleted. However in 2015 a surviving piece of footage with a running time of about 5-7 minutes was discovered. It is unclear what the company plans to do (if anything) with this footage.

Stranger Danger 2

Would have picked up directly where the first film left off. However as more time progressed without any film being made the production was quietly shelved.

Stranger Danger remake

Around 2011 it was suggested to completely remake Stranger Danger almost frame for frame but with higher production standards. The project was in time shelved and the Melvin series was produced.

Plan 10 from Outer Space

Would have been a homage to the work of Ed Wood Jr. The film was planned to be shot in stop motion using lego figurines. The Film was scrapped due to time constraints.

The Myth Files (Extended series)

Around 10 episodes were planned with complex storylines. The project failed due to lack of support from other companies.

Night of the Zombies 2

Plot details are unclear about this. The project was never realised because the producers felt the story was limiting.

Melvin the Origin

An extensive backstory was developed. It would have told the story of Melvins upbringing at the hands of his religious father and his first murders. The film was never made because the producers wanted to focus on extending the current Melvin story.

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